Jet-setter Sarah Palin just can't stop scheduling overseas trips. She'll go to England and Israel in the new year, but first, she's heading to Haiti with Franklin Graham's Christian charity group, amidst scary post-election violence.

We like this formulation from the AFP wire service: "US celebrity conservative Sarah Palin." Ouch?

WASHINGTON - US celebrity conservative Sarah Palin will visit cholera-ravaged Haiti this weekend with an evangelical Christian relief organization despite days of post-election violence, the group said Friday.

The former Alaska governor was expected to arrive on Saturday with a delegation from Franklin Graham's Samaritan Purse, but the plans could change according to the security situation in the country, a spokesperson said.

It's nice of Sarah Palin to do this. And hopefully she'll keep the grift to a minimum, since it's Haiti. But why not have her handle the "security situation" while she's there, too? Doesn't anyone watch Sarah Palin's Alaska? She can shoot a caribou, albeit crappily; just give her that varmint rifle, and Haiti will be safe and prosperous within hours.

[Image via AP]