Harvard University now claims that 36 pee-soaked LGBT books are not the work of a homophobic vandal, but a library employee who accidentally knocked over one of the many open containers of urine that apparently litter their campus. WTF?

At first, this explanation struck me as way too convenient. An open bottle of pee just happened to be sitting on a shelf in the LGBT section of the library, and an employee accidentally tipped it over?

But then I thought, maybe this is like the library scenes in A Beautiful Mind + the scene in The Aviator in which Leonardo DiCaprio's debilitating OCD leads him to pee in milk bottles and save them. And if someone was bottling pee among rows of books, a Harvard library seems like a reasonable place for such insanity to occur. According to the dean, simple miscommunication launched the whole pee vandal investigation: The employee who knocked over the bottle was also the person who reported it, and it's not like he/she would have done that if he/she were the homophobic vandal, right? Unless he/she was also a crazy enough person to bottle pee in a library at Harvard, hmm?

Harvard's Queer Students alliance has tentatively accepted the University's explanation, but note that many questions remain "unresolved." [NYDN, Crimson]


Homophobic Pee Vandal Haunts Harvard