Jersey Shore brawler JWOWW is best known for beating the crap out of people and wearing clothing that even hookers would find offensive. She appeared at an event last night looking gorgeous and chic. What a disappointment!

Here are some pictures from last night, which was a promotional event for something called "Ab Cuts Natural Body Supplement":

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And here are photos from early 2010, when the show first debuted:

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You can barely recognize the girl who started a line of barely-there lace bikinis and dresses with boob cut-outs called Filthy Couture. Sure, her clothing line was totally tasteless, but it was totally JWOWW. Part of what attracted the world to Jersey Shore, the most important sociological experiment of our time, is that the cast seemed authentic. They had horrible style, bad hair, and horrendous tans, but they were proud of the people they were. When someone tried to insult Snooki by saying, "You're too tan," she responded, "So what? I like being tan!" No matter how deplorable you thought they were, they were proud of who they were.

Now JWOWW, who was always a pretty girl (though perhaps a little too enhanced in some ways), has traded in her drag queen aesthetic for something a bit more polished. She looks great. She wore a tasteful dress, got a great haircut, and applied her makeup with something other than a trowel. And now she looks like every other faceless starlet churned out of Hollywood.

Like when Kate Gosselin cut off her horrendous wedge or Sarah Jessica Parker took off her mole, there is now nothing to distinguish JWOWW from Annalynne McCord, Katie Cassidy, or any of the other lesser stars on CW shows. Bereft of her trademark, JWOWW will make her quick march into obscurity as someone else's idea of what she should be rather than staying true to herself. At least she was at an event at GNC for a product called Ab Cut. You can take the girl out of the gutter...

[Photos from last night via WENN. All other photos via Getty Images]