The Way We Live Now: rubbing our palms together in a "woo boy, the good times are coming" fashion. The good times are coming! Lower unemployment! Hot stocks! Super deals! We're getting into day trading, to make our fortune!

New York City is a veritable shining city, on a mythical hill! Unemployment is plummeting! All of the coolest kids in the hot city are working on their computers, making money by selling coolness! Business is booming! We'll buy Aeropostale and have enough left over to go the hot technology bar, to see—and be seen!

Watch out, world, we've got you in our crosshairs! We're prowling the malls and digging up the latest deals on our ubiquitous smart phone devices! We're quitting our day jobs and getting into day trading! Online trading volume is through the roof! Invest in the retail stocks, friend, you can't miss! The boom is on and you have to ride the wave right to easy street! We'll sit at home in our luxurious and fashionable pajamas drinking exclusive batches of Darjeeling tea and making money with a mere flick of a finger, then go out at night to the latest and most popular of our city's drinking establishments!

It's all about "getting your name out there," kids. Jack your strat, strap on your jetpack, lay back and relax! We're on a one-way trip to the moon! Farewell, pedestrian world! We're leaving you all behind!

[Pic: Ed Yourdon]