Mob Wives is a new VH1 reality show, which follows the female counterparts of imprisoned murderous mobsters like Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano. Unsurprisingly, relatives of Gravano's 19 victims aren't happy. Maybe VH1 should give them their own reality show?

Here's what one of the victim's brother said about the new reality show, which features Sammy the Bull's daughter, Karen Gravano (as well as actual mob wives). From the Daily News:

"She grew up a little spoiled brat on blood money," said Jackie Colucci, whose slain brother Joseph was Salvatore Gravano's first victim in 1970.

"She should be ashamed that her father is a murderer and a drug dealer. I would be ashamed and crawling in a hole and staying out of the limelight.

This seems like a terrible idea for a reality show! Would anyone watch a show called Mass Murder's Wives? Where there are scenes where all the wives sit around sipping mimosas and dishing about how annoying it is that their husbands disappear for days only to come back with haunted looks on their faces and weird bruises on their arms? Because that's basically what Mob Wives is.

Now, maybe if these mob wives were also hookers...