Here's a trailer for Cedar Rapids, an indie comedy starring Ed Helms in his first leading role. The movie is directed by The Good Girl's Miguel Arteta and produced by Midwestern mastermind Alexander Payne, so odds are it'll be good!

Plus the movie features solid costars in John C. Reilly, Anne Heche, Alia Shawkat, Stephen Root, and Isiah Whitlock Jr., known for his shiiiiiiit-talking character Clay Davis on The Wire. (He even gets a good Wire joke in the movie.) Sigourney Weaver also shows up at some point, so Mr. Helms has all the help he needs! He's certainly a lovable actor, but is he leading man material, even if he's just leading a dark, off-beat independent comedy? My guess is yes — he's capable of doing serious stuff, he's dumbly handsome enough, and people really seem to like him.

So let's go to Cedar Rapids! (Let's not actually go to Cedar Rapids.)

[via Vulture]