Today we checked out the swanky new stucco digs — fresh out of the foreclosure mill — that college-bound Bristol Palin bought in Maricopa, Arizona. Our Arizona real estate experts then weighed in: Is Maricopa a "good" place to settle?

No! Maricopa is all sadness and dirt and plastic chain-store malaise, according to every commenter. The entire exurban shitbath should just be burnt to the ground. Because what if future people dug up its remains? How embarrassing would that be?

Here's Schadenfriend framing the debate for acceptable opinion about Maricopa, Arizona. Shadenfriend's avatar is a cactus, so you know this is the real deal, the inside scoop:

Maricopa is a stucco community that sprung up overnight in 2005, and now has entire courts of foreclosed and abandoned homes. It's 30 minutes minimum from anything non-chain, local, original, or interesting. There's nothing to do and no one you'd want to meet there. It's the worst of Arizona (which, if you read enough of Gawker's posts on my home state, puts it in the running for worst worldwide).

And worst of all, the highway to civilization is "under-serviced," according to wrongneighborhood. Yes, even in a country as rich as the United States!

Maricopa is one of the many examples scattered across AZ and Calif. of overspending and overgrowth during the housing bubble. The city is in the middle of nowhere, connected by a under-serviced highway. It's at a minimum 30 minutes from Phoenix by car.

Living out there is for people who want too much and cannot afford it or trashy people who think living in a stucco subdivision in the middle of the Senoran desert is classy.

You people are so jealous it's insane.

[Image via Pacific Coast News]