The meaning of grades, explained! Hurdles, hurdled! Teachers, sexxxily harassed! Science fairs, endangered! Manga, fake classes held! Science, professionalized! Books, criticized! Data, supersized and atomized! It's your Monday Education Watch, where we watch education—because it's a free country!

  • Some teacher is out to explain what grades really mean, which means he first has to admit that he doesn't know what grades mean, which is really embarrassing, for a teacher.
  • The effort to rate teachers is now facing high hurdles. And when was the last time you saw a teacher who could run the high hurdles? Exactly.
  • A teacher in Queens is suing and alleging that she was denied tenure after she broke off a six-month sexxxual relationship with her assistant principal, who then threatened and stalked her; he says that she's a liar who seduced him. New York schools must be a total laugh whirlwind.
  • Motherfuckers are trying to kill the science fair. Uh, if I had to do the science fair, you kids definitely have to do the fucking science fair.
  • Japan, nerds, manga, blah blah blah. But this time in college. Fill in the details.
  • Tons of kids are getting master's degrees that entitle them to be "science professionals," and meanwhile I bet everyone's all like, "What even is that?"
  • Oh sure, now publishers of teen lit are looking for kids to be "book critics" to tell them whether the books are "good" or not, according to the kids who read them, allegedly. How much of a curve is in the grade, due to the fact that kids are jerks, though?
  • Do you want a bunch of student loan default data? You don't, do you? Here it is anyhow. I'm just doing my job.

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