According to a new study, couples who wait a month or more after starting to date to have sex tend to have stronger and more stable marriages. Can you guess which university sponsored this study?

That's right, Brigham Young University! The one owned by Mormons. Now, obviously, I don't have any reason to be suspicious of studies put out by BYU in general, but it's a little odd when one hews so closely to the Mormon church's position on sex before marriage? And when the study subjects are all straight married couples? And also, when the lead researcher, Dean Busby, sounds so suspiciously like a Sunday School sex ed teacher?

"Curiously, almost 40 percent of couples are essentially sexual within the first or second time they go out, but we suspect that if you asked these same couples at this early stage of their relationship—'Do you trust this person to watch your pet for a weekend many could not answer this in the affirmative'—meaning they are more comfortable letting people into their bodies than they are with them watching their cat."

Well, first of all, Dr. Busby, my cat is really important to me. Second of all, anyone in a good relationship knows that you should never trust important things to your significant other, because that will upset the delicate power balance you have forged over the course of your silent, bitter partnership. And third of all, she was really hot, so, like, did you actually want me to wait a month?

But like I said: There's no real reason not to trust a BYU study! It's a real university! With a basketball team, and everything! You're just not allowed to have a beard there, is all.

[LiveScience; image via Shutterstock]