New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been criticized for abandoning New Jersey for a Disney World vacation shortly before a giant snow storm crippled the state last week. Now he wants everyone to know he had a really fun time.

Some losers who have probably never even been to Disney World are saying that it was a bad idea for Christie to head down there last Sunday right as what ended up being a massive storm churned towards his state. (His lieutenant governor was away, too, in Mexico.) But do not try to make Chris Christie feel bad about about being a good dad. He planned the trip way before any dumb snow storm, so it would be totally unfair to his kids if he had just cancelled it. "I wanted to be there with my kids..." he said at a very defensive press conference today. "I had a great five days with my children."

You know what would have made this situation a lot better? If he had brought a bag of Disney Dollars back for all his critics in New Jersey. They're obviously just jealous that Chris Christie didn't take them to Disney World, too.