The author of "Herb Converter" miraculously got his weed-dealing calculator past Apple censors and into the iPhone App Store. But that just means more problems, since he must now deal with confused and severely bummed out users.

Herb Converter is designed to do simple calculations, like changing ounces into grams and multiplying weight by price, and certainly has plenty of fans. "Being a flower child of the 60s," one wrote, "and slow to embrace technology, I found it easy to use."

But there are a surprising number of very bummed out haters. At least two customers want the app to somehow weigh the weed. Until this capability is included, one wrote, "ITS A FRAUD APP!!!!" Also, why only one price when there are so many varieties of pot? "Bro I like ur app," said another critic, "but it needs to say the... name if all the weed... if ur kool." Other requests include "removing the useless dictionary," support for joints and blunts, and traditional, street style rounding down of ounces to grams so no one gets stabbed ("outside a lab, these numbers are wrong"). When will drug dealers finally find a smartphone they can really trust?

[via Cosby Sweaters]