This week we had a chance to sit down with Patti Stanger's latest Millionaire Matchmaker victim, Robin Kassner, to find out exactly what happens behind the scenes. This is what she said.

What was your reaction to the episode?

I knew it was going to be bad but did didn't know it was going to be that bad and a 100 percent work of fiction. [Bravo] followed me for three weeks and spliced and diced [the episode] into what I wasn't. It was both misogynistic and against curvy women.

They told Luke to be nasty to me. They told him to be obnoxious, that it was his role. I never said I wanted to have sex with him, they dubbed that in. I never offered him sex or a hand job. Me and Patti were talking about sex, and they dubbed that in to the middle of my date.

What happened with you and Luke?

I ended up dating him for two months. We went on vacation together. Dana and John Bonjourno only went on two dates. They told them to kiss on camera. When they went out on real dates he didn't kiss her.

What did you think of the show's portrayal of you?

The way they edited it, they edited like the curvy girl, theres not possible way in hell I can get a hot guy. I'm not superficial, I've dated guys that are better looking than me and worse looking.

Were you drunk during the episode?

They (the producers) were force feeding me alcohol. They ordered the two bottles of pink champagne. They dubbed in the two drink maximum after the fact.

What did you think of Patti's visible distaste about your figure?

I thought it was horrible. I thought I was going on The Millionaire Matchmaker. Patti was not thin before, shes not the be all end all. The thing is I want women to know, if you're curvy and voluptuous you can get the hot guy, live the life of your dreams, be successful. I know I'm overweight, its not that I'm in fantasy-land and I don't know that, but there are men out there who l love plus size women, real boobs, real hips.

A lot of the women on the show are silicone stick figures.

She is really tougher on women. This whole season she's just been bashing women, she thinks if shes tough on women she gets better ratings. How much can you watch her insult us?

She thought I was an easy target. If she wants to make fat jokes at my expense, go right ahead. She wants to say men would never love a curvy woman, but she's sadly mistaken.

Do you think it would have been different had you been an overweight millionaire not millionairess?

She's had a bunch of larger men and she doesn't make it an issue at all. She certainly doesn't call them names, she doesn't question the ability of a male millionaire who chubby to get a hot girl. I have a cool personality, I have a lot to bring to the table. I'm a plus size girl but not unattractive. I don't lack a dating life. I'm not going to let Patti Stanger determine my self worth because who is Patti Stanger?

Meredith Fineman writes Fifty First (J)Dates, a somewhat humorous dating blog that chronicles her endless pursuit for a Jewish gentleman caller, the philosophy behind jeggings, and why Boo the dog should be Speaker of the House.