Today at Gawker.TV, Jim Carrey and Seth Rogen give interviews while on exercise machines, Sheldon brings back the theremin, more Ted Williams, and Neil Patrick Harris gives Kelly Ripa some grief about always choosing Anderson Cooper as her guest co-host.

Watch Ted Williams' Announcement Cameo on Late Night
The Man with the Golden Voice—formerly homeless voice prodigy Ted Williams—shot to superstardom in a way that most cannot even fathom. Williams is everywhere—tonight, for example, he made a cameo on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Watch inside.

Neil Patrick Harris Sits in For Regis, Is Not at all Jealous of Anderson Cooper
Since Regis Philbin is so old he can barely make it through the work week, Live! often has celebrity co-hosts. Kelly Ripa was excited to have NPH, who fired back "why don't you not have Anderson Cooper come so often?"

DJ Sheldon Brings Back the Theremin on The Big Bang Theory
Do you know what a Theremin is? Me neither. But ever since Sheldon whipped out his favorite musical instrument last night I can't get the sound of dying cats out of my head.

Jim Carrey Gives an Interview While Running on a Treadmill
Last night on Late Night, funnyman Jim Carrey donned workout gear and hopped on a treadmill for his interview with Jimmy Fallon. Someone get this man an award for "Multi-tasker of the Year" already!

Now Seth Rogen's Giving an Interview While Riding an Exercise Bike
Not to be outdone by Jim Carrey, Seth Rogen obliged Kathie Lee and Hoda (who spent their entire hour of Today exercising) and gave his interview on a bike. This is certainly taking New Year's resolutions to the extreme.