North Korea's heir apparent Kim Jong-un turned twentysomething today but it's a rather quiet affair, with "no special rations or celebrations" for the people. South Korean hackers also posted birthday greetings on the North's official Twitter and YouTube pages.

The Washington Post reports that hackers today urged the overthrow of the Kims with messgages like this: "Let's create a new world by rooting out our people's sworn enemy Kim Jong Il and his son Kim Jong Eun!" However, South Koreans and others outside the North are likely to be the only people to see them because, you know, the North lives under the totalitarian grip of Kim Jong-il and all that, and hardly anyone has internet access there.

This video (in Korean) was posted on North Korea's YouTube page and shows Big and Little Kim talking on iPhones, running over women and children in a sports car, and also shows the derailing of Kim Jong-un's birthday train:

[Image via AP]