Pauly D and Chloe Sevigny star in the craziest dating rumor we've heard, probably ever? Orland Bloom and Miranda Kerr have a kid. Lindsay Lohan makes peace with her new neighbor, Samantha Ronson. Saturday Gossip Roundup is taking it slow.

  • Hmm... are Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D and actress Chloe Sevigny dating? Sorry, hold on, gotta scrape the pieces of our brain from the wall, because it just spontaneously combusted. Seriously though? Let's consider the evidence: FOR: 1) They were spotted at a Knicks game together Wed. night, chatting and carrying on. 2) Sevigny did give that guy a blowjob on camera in The Brown Bunny, so she's probably down for anything. AGAINST: 1) Pauly D is supposedly dating Michael Phelps' ex-girlfriend Brittny Gastineau. 2) The entire structure of the universe, from the tiniest subatomic particles to the great strings of energy that weave the fabric of existence. [The Superficial]
  • Samantha Ronson is cool with Lindsay Lohan real-estate stalking her. Lilo bought a place right next door to Ronson in Venice, CA and everyone was like—ooooooh shit. Are they going to start a some kind of neighbor war, putting bags of flaming dog poop on each other's doorsteps, or holding loud parties the nights before the other person needs to get up early to take an important test, and also build a comically large wall between the two houses with razor-wire on top of it? (Because, you know, they used to date?) But no, Ronson is cool with it. Lame. [TMZ]
  • Real Housewives of New York drama! Ramona Singer tweeted a link to a video in which she claimed the 16-year-old daughter of co-star Countess Luann de Lesseps called a friend a "nigger" during a webcam chat. She tweeted: "The countesses daughter rolling a cigarette swearing nigger!" Housewives these days. [Radar Online]
  • Orlando Bloom and his Victoria's Secret model wife Miranda Kerr had a baby boy! Gonna be a good-looking kid. [X17]
  • More baby news: 30 Rockstar Jane Krakowski is pregnant, according to a picture of her frolicking on a Caribbean beach looking very pregnant. I'm sure 30 Rock will use her pregnancy to some zany ends on the show. [People]
  • Here's Natalie Portman's gigantic engagement ring. That must have made her almost topple over while she was filming Black Swan. [US Weekly]
  • Ha, a grown man got a Justin Bieber tattoo on this thigh. Say goodbye to sex forever! [TMZ]
  • The Kardashians have been sued over their horrible scam debit card, which aimed to suck money from young people with fees for ATM withdrawals, cancellations—even talking with customer service. The Kardashians cut off ties with the company that issued the card after everyone freaked out about it, and the lawsuit claims that by breaching their contract they caused more than $75 million in damage. This could have all been prevented if someone had realized that giving the Kardashians their own debit card was about as good an idea s giving Lindsay Lohan a line of premium malt beverages. [TMZ]
  • Some lady passed out when she saw Michael Jordan enter the hotel she was staying in. Jordan called up the front desk to make sure "the girl who passed out when she saw me was OK." Turns out she actually passed out because she was talking to a doctor about her son's broken nose. [P6]
  • Chelsea Handler is still pretending she and 50 Cent aren't dating: "I don't know if I can handle him, to be honest," she said. Oh, come on, just admit it. You're not Justin Bieber; neither of you are going to break any hearts. [US Weekly]

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