Day three of the Arianna Huffington Unsafe Airplane Blackberry-ing Scandal: in which Ellis Belodoff of Plainview, Long Island recounts how he yelled at the rich lady on her Blackberry, "What is wrong with you?!"

The New York Post tracked down the bold passenger on Huffington's flight to Laguardia last weekend, who became alarmed and enraged when the pundit and website proprietor refused to turn off her Blackberry as ordered prior to takeoff. "I see a hand in front of me with a BlackBerry," recalls Belodoff, who owns a floor installation business. "So, I yell to [the flight attendant], ‘She's on her BlackBerry!'"

Goodness! Belodoff admits to becoming "louder and louder" as no official made a move to stop Huffington from her wanton Blackberry-ing, despite the purported safety risk it posed. The flight attendant did nothing! "'He tells me, ‘Calm down, sir!' I told him I was calm. If I wasn't calm, I would have ripped it out of her hand!'

After they both were questioned by police after landing Belodoff also admits to telling Huffington "Don't get hit by a bus." Blackberry rage is a scary force.