We all have embarrassing prom photos, and here's one of John Krasinski of The Office that a friend of Gawker sent in. It's not that embarrassing—for a prom photo. Is yours worse? You can win a prize!

The prom is awful. It's asking kids, who have no idea what formal attire should look like, to put on gowns and tuxes for the first time. And they all want to express their fashion-forwardness and individuality. A few years after they've been taken, they're always woefully dated, carrying with them all the frightening signifiers of the precise moment they were taken. Just look at Krasinski's date's dress. Nothing says late-'90s more than neon-on-neon lace. But she can't be blamed. She was in high school! She didn't know better!

We know you got some really bad prom pictures lying around. Scan them and put them in the comments section of this post. (If you're not already a Gawker commenter, find out how to be one here.)

The person with the most embarrassing prom photo will win a $50 gift certificate to the Olive Garden so you can go have yourself a nice dinner—just like after prom!

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