The Huffington Post maintains a small army of wage slaves who spend all day "moderating" the site's millions of comments. Their current primary task: to ensure that no comments are published about Arianna Huffington's wanton airplane Blackberry-ing incident.

We're referring, of course, to the story we published last week about how Arianna Huffington was sitting there in her first class seat on a flight and just Blackberry-ing away after they asked people to "turn off your electronic devices," and how she had to then go talk to the police after the flight was over, along with the guy who started hollering at her for not turning off her Blackberry.

Here at, you are free to comment on that story to your heart's content (and to call us stupid, which many of you do every day). But not so at Huffington Post! Fishbowl LA got hold of a screengrab from an internal HuffPo message board for moderators. HIGH PRIORITY ALERT:

"Please make sure not to allow any comments about the airline incident involving AH this past weekend. It is off-topic on any article." Hahaha. Arianna, why so sensitive about some random internet commenter hypothetically typing "Wow, Arianna Huffington is such a hypocrite elitist for acting like the Princess of First Class. How is that respectful of the working class?" You're an internet mogul, Arianna. You can't go getting upset every time some random nobody posts a comment hypothetically reading "A policy of censoring negative comments about the proprietor of this site plainly goes against the open-minded liberal values for which this site purports to stand, when it's not standing for celebrity slideshows."

You gotta let these things slide off your back, Arianna.