After getting a look at John Krasinski's prom photo, we asked for your embarrassing prom pictures. And, boy, were you people some awesomely awkward teens! We got lots of great submissions, and here are the best of the worst.

These are all bad for so many different reasons: the fashion is outdated, the interactions are awkward, or the subjects are trying to display their fledgling individuality so hard that it turned the corner into craziness.

Here are all the honorable mentions. Everyone has been awarded a star (if they didn't have one already) for their pain and suffering. Click on the commenter's name to see the original picture.

I Love the '80s by RumpOfSteelSkin

Oh So Molly by SnarkTard

Psst...I'm Gay by GildedBeaver

Bad Hair Battle by Roosevelt_Franklin

Bros Before Hos by BillReeee

You're the Tops by SomebodyOrAnother

Precious Moments by AlexandriaHeather

2001 Prom, 1961 Hair by EatMeWithCake

Is That You, Rob Lowe? by NerD:blogOtaku

Stars and Stripes by LaJahie

Hall & Oates Tag Team by Silly.Rabbit

Dynasty Does Prom by Jen Crowder

They Wear Their Sunglasses at Night by A Woozle Named Peanut

Hearts Afire by SomeAssemblyRequire

Nothin' But a G Thing by Bklynstl5

Duct Tape Dress by Remedios Varo can't see

I See a Pattern by Ashley Salvati

Ain't Nothing Like the Real Sling by Kniemer1

Look at Those Guns by HighJump

Head and Shoulders by Omgrrrl

Scarlett Goes Scarlet by QuirkyWinona

Shiny Object by GaryHeeeee

Watch Your Hands by ChideHerald [rockchalks you]

Welcome to the '70s by Phlox

All of those are pretty bad, but there is only one picture that could beat them all. Yes, it is sort of sad, embarrassing, funny, amazing, and unforgettable all at the same time. Here is your winner "The Sad Goths" by Tetherette.

Congratulations, Tetherette, you won a $50 Olive Garden gift card. Email me to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone for submitting, and I hope you've all gotten new hairstyles since these pictures were taken.