Award nominations, fabulous clothes, and now a role on Glee that she willed into existence. Also today: Robert Downey Jr. is one smart old dog, the triumphant return of Sarah Michelle Gellar, and some Jennifer Love Hewitt news.

Anne Hathaway, faux-elegant dork diva of the moment, has wormed her way onto the Glee television program for special people. A few months ago she said on a talk show that she wants to play Kurt's long-lost lesbian aunt, and sure enough she just might do that! Apparently she talked to Ryan Murphy and other Glee bigwigs backstage at last night's "Let's Save Al Pacino's Brain!" telethon, and the gears started turning. So that's good. That's how it's done, folks! If you want to be on Glee, all you have to do is come up with your own character and plot, get yourself on a talk show and mention your idea, then accost Ryan Murphy backstage at the Golden Globes to seal the deal. Anyone can do it! This is America, after all. [THR]

Well, here's some good TV news to cleanse the palate. Sarah Michelle Gellar might be returning to the airwaves soon, as another tough cookie. OK, so, the show would be on CBS, which isn't great, but maybe it'll be Good Wife CBS instead of Two and a Half NCIS Bangs CBS. The show is called Ringer and is about "a troubled young woman who, while on the run from the mob, hides out by inhabiting the life of her wealthy twin sister, until she learns that her twin's life has a bounty on it as well." Sounds kind of fun! She'd get to play two parts, kinda. I hope it works out for her. She's had some TV stumbles in the past, notably an interesting sounding HBO pilot called The Wonderful Maladys that never went anywhere. Welcome back, I hope, SMG! [Deadline]

Attention retro cartoon nerds. Robert Downey Jr. has agreed to star in a movie version of Peabody and Sherman, based on the old cartoon segment from Rocky & Bullwinkle, about an old dog and his pet boy. No, no, no, not "an old dog and his pet boy" in the sexy Gandalf/Frodo sense. Like actually a dog, who is a genius, and his friend/assistant who is a young boy. They travel through time together and have adventures. The producers were going to make the film a live-action/animation hybrid but have, wisely, decided to make it all animated. I actually don't mind this one! It's a fun, weird little cartoon and Downey Jr. is a good choice for the voice part. Hopefully they'll stay true to the original tone and humor and won't try to jazz it up too much. Or maybe they'll make it actually about an old dog and his pet boy in the Alfred Molina/firecrackers kid sense and that'll be interesting too. [EW]

Sarah Michelle Gellar's friend in hit-and-runs, Jennifer Love Hewitt, will be directing her first feature film, Can't Hardly Wait 2: The Legend of Kenny's Gold. Oh I wish! Not it's actually a ghost movie called Wait Till Helen Comes, about director Taylor Hackford wanting to go to sleep but not being allowed to. No, it's actually based on a children's book about a vengeful ghost kid and the two living kids she terrorizes. So it's basically about annoying little Lacey Chabert on the set of Party of Five bothering Neve Campbell and J. Love all the time. [THR]

Oh god. Here's another teaser trailer for Game of Thrones, the big TV series that everyone's so excited about. Well, OK, not everyone. But like many people in my circle of friends have started reading these damn books in the past year or so and they are all obsessed and I just don't know what to do. It's like they're all becoming zombies or body snatchers or something and they're saying "Room for one more..." but I'm resisting! I'm trying so hard to resist! But it is not easy. They are everywhere, and there are more and more by the day. Help, please. [Deadline]