Why did 21-year-old Marc Higgins of Bristol, Conn. stab four people at a party? Partly because he was "very drunk." And partly because of his farts.

Higgins was apparently in the midst of an intestinal "situation" on Saturday night when he arrived at a house party in Bristol—a bad-enough situation that another party guest, in the words of the Courant, "chastised him for being flatulent" and then slapped him in the face. Higgins left the party, as any of us would. But 45 minutes later, he came back:

Marc Higgins, who was described by witnesses as being "very drunk," stormed out of the party, came back armed with three knives and started stabbing people indiscriminately, according to court documents released Monday.

Three knives! Higgins reportedly "wanted to teach people that they shouldn't trifle with him." That lesson seems to have been learned. One of his victims—who Higgins said was a friend—died of his wounds, but, luckily, the other three have all been released from the hospital. Higgins is currently being held on a $2 million bond and will face trial in New Britain.

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