Bucking the long-held Hollywood tradition of celebrities giving their kids insane names, butterscotch stallion Owen Wilson and his girlfriend have dubbed their new son Robert Ford Wilson. That's it. Yes, a slight outlaw association, but nothing weirder. Rather amazing!

Clearly this puts the Rumers, Scouts, Tallulahs, Roccos, Cocos, Kingstons, Denims, Sevens, Banjos, Reignbeaus, Harlows, Kal-Els, Pilot Inspektors, Apples, Oceans, Blankets, Rockets, Jermajestys, Bronx Mowglis, and Audio Sciences of the world to shame. Or rather, it puts their ridiculous parents to shame, people who, not satisfied enough with being rich and famous, saddled their kids with terrible names just so they could get a little more attention.

Well aren't their faces red now, with little Robert Ford Wilson coming along and being all regular and normal. Not, of course, that we're advocating normalcy above all else. It's just that giving a kid a crazy name for craziness's sake is kind of cruel.

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