Yesterday the FBI arrested over 100 people around New York for mafia ties and "classic mob hits," and some of them have awesome names: "Jack the Whack, Marbles, Skinny, Jonny Pizza, Junior Lollipops, Jimmy Gooch and Baby Fat Larry."

The massive raid yesterday targeted all of the major crime families in the New York area, and one arrest was even made in Italy. In all 127 people were indicted, for alleged crimes like these, from NPR:

Other charges include alleged corruption among dockworkers who were forced to kick back a portion of their holiday bonuses to the crime families.

Agents taped a man named John Cavallo complaining that he didn't get his kickback and allegedly saying, "I'll go there and I'll kill him. He don't know my name right?"

Anthony Russo is charged with participating in the murder of an underboss, Joseph Scopo, as he got out of a car in Queens. The feds allegedly have Russo on tape laughing about it.

You just don't fuck with a man named Junior Lollipops.

[Image via AP]