At McCaskey East High School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, junior class students break into groups each day to meet with mentors for an "enriching" experience. The twist: all the groups are totally segregated by race and gender! Apparently some people object?

In a statement, the school district noted "The intent of mentoring at McCaskey High School is to build strong teacher and student relations not separate students by race. The High School is disappointed by the negative perception and focus on single racial composition programming."

Very disappointed. Here's a positive mentoring program for our youth, and all people can talk about is how it involves reinstating Jim Crow. Open your minds, America. These are real solutions for real world problems. The district points out, "Based on existing teacher and student relationships, seven of the groups were voluntarily organized by gender, race, and/or language need."

Voluntarily. The kids want it this way. It's just like prison, you know? What are they supposed to do, make the Latinos have a black mentor, or make the black students have a white mentor? It's plainly crazy. It could never work. There'd be no communication. They don't speak the same slanguage. Besides, god wouldn't have made us all different colors if he didn't want us to notice it. Even high school juniors understand this, which is why the Lancaster School District allows high school juniors to voluntarily instate formal segregation in school with the full support of the responsible adults.

If this works out, we could try entire segregated neighborhoods. Just think of the possibilities!

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