Do you care about children, the education of children, or the future of children, and our system for educating them? Then we have bad news for you. Lots of bad news.

  • New York City principals have been told that their schools will have to foot the bill for student lunches that kids' parents didn't pay for in full. Our schools can have eating, or learning, but not both.
  • A new report says that less of half New York high school graduates are academically "prepared for college and well-paying careers." And surely less than half of them will graduate college or land a well-paying career, so what's the problem?
  • So a bunch of do-gooders (NObama) had the bright idea to get rid of the principals of failing, horrible schools. One question for you, geniuses: Now who is going to be the principals?! They're trying to figure that part out now.
  • Republicans refuse to change our nation's dumbass laws, so illegal immigrants who graduate college here still face terrible economic prospects: "Immigrants with bachelor's degrees in the sciences or social science end up bussing restaurant dishes and cleaning offices." Just like real Americans! We are one, in shitty jobs!
  • Maybe the problem is that 13% of US public school biology teachers teach creationism.

[Photo via Flickr/Michael1952]