Justin Bieber, a Furbie toy given the ability to sing, held the LA premiere for his 3D concert movie Never Say Never last night. The red carpet was even uglier than usual. Let's take a look at all the atrocities unleashed by The Biebz.

Here is Bieber himself. Are those glasses for real or are they a joke like the empty frames he's always sporting? He's flanked by Usher and talent manager Scotter Braun. His name is seriously Scooter Braun? What is he, the villain in an Archie comic? [Image via Getty]

There is so much badness here. First of all P*r*z H!lton is talking to a child. You wouldn't throw you child into a vat of toxic waste, please don't let him hang out with one. And, yes, P*r*z is really wearing a naked Britney Spears T-shirt to a Justin Bieber movie premiere. The only thing worse than wearing the band's shirt to their concert is wearing another band's shirt to the concert. [Image via Getty]

Will Smith wants you to admire his media empire. [Image via Getty]

The only thing worse than the gigantic and obviously fake lips on Leona Lewis' shirt are the matching gigantic and obviously fake lips on her face. [Image via Getty]

Man, Selena Gomez looks good. Like a human Bratz doll, but good. Does that mean we have to start liking her now? That would not be good. [Image via Getty]

Dear Jane Lynch, we currently love you and think you are great, but if you keep bringing your wife and children to crappy Hollywood events, we might have to change your opinion. Love, everyone. [Image via Getty]

Uh oh! Someone let crazy Aunt Heather out of the basement again! [Image via Getty]

Nothing good can come from having will.i.am or any of the Bla'ck E@yed Pea$ at your event. Nothing. Just ask the Super Bowl. [Image via Getty]

We still aren't rid of Whitney Port yet? What do we have to do? Also, this male jockeying up to her is named Ben Nemtin, a combination of sounds that can not be articulated by the human mouth. [Image via Getty]

The saddest part of Miley Cyrus is that she doesn't even know that her outfit is ripping off Stevie Nicks or why that is a bad thing. [Image via Getty]