Pop quiz: what's the correct conclusion to draw about our economy from the following news? The NYT reports that 1850s-era gold mines in California—many of which have not been working mines for 40 years or more—are now being reopened for prospecting. "Gold will soon be big business again in California's Mother Lode, in the same area of the Sierras - and occasionally the same mines - where the old-time prospectors once used pick axes, ore carts and burros to chase their riches."

A) Wow, it really is time to short the price of gold.
B) Maybe the whole idea of becoming a world leader in technology and consumption isn't all it's cracked up to be.
C) I'm buying prospecting gear, as soon as I get that pay raise they're promising me this year.
D) This will be my best opportunity to start a collection of vintage gold-miner Levi's to pass on to my grandchildren.

There is a correct answer!

[Photo: aresauburn/ Flickr]