Oh my god, it says here that yoga is the new golf! You have to do it with your bosses to move up the corporate ladder, and that's coming from a lady who "advises the 'top 0.5 percent' of companies worldwide!" Yoga's out of control—more! Nothing will ever be the same!

  • Yoga is the new golf.
  • Zumba is the new yoga.
  • Walking on your hands is the new Zumba.
  • Unicycling is the new walking on your hands.
  • Tricycling is new unicycling.
  • Skimboarding is the new tricycling.
  • Water polo is the new skimboarding.
  • Polo is the new water polo.
  • Golf is the new polo.
  • Yoga is the new golf.

You don't want to get embarrassed out there.

[NYP. Photo: Shutterstock]