This story combines two of our favorite things: Jewel heists and hidden treasure. Police this week in Paris discovered a cache of jewels worth around $20.6 million in a drainpipe at the home of a guy behind one of the largest jewel heists ever:

They found one diamond ring the size of a child's marble, along with 18 other rings and 3 earrings, in a plastic container inside a concrete mold at the home of the man suspected as the mastermind in Seine-Saint-Denis.

The jewelery had been stashed there during the 2008 Christmastime robbery in which four cross-dressed men made off with about $110 million worth of jewelry. Nine people have already been charged in the heist. But, come on, storing your stolen jewelry in a drainpipe? That's gotta be the most cliched place to stash stolen diamonds. Put them in your a cat or something.

[via the Daily Beast; Image via Getty]