In case you've forgotten, the Republicans control the House of Representatives now. Yes, the American one! But do they remember how to greet foreign dignitaries and other fancy people after their four-year exile in power? Not really, so John Boehner had to send a staffer to etiquette school.

Roll Call reports that Boehner's office spent $5,800 "to register a staff member for a protocol class to learn the niceties of exchanging gifts, arranging seating plans and organizing large events with visiting dignitaries." The course will be held at a Northern Virginia Ritz-Carlton, if you want to crash this horror show.

But wait! The course isn't until May, so Boehner and his band of ruffians will have survive, somehow, until then. He met with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard yesterday, though, without crushing a beer can against his forehead or flinging feces. (That's unconfirmed.)

[Image via AP]