It's been a while since we last heard news about Carl Paladino — Buffalo's millionaire slumlord-turned failed New York gubernatorial candidate. Well, the Buffalo News has an update on our favorite Tea Partier from the north! Crazy Carl has decided that he doesn't need to pay the campaign staffers, consultants and vendors who helped him run against Andrew Cuomo. According to ex-staffers interviewed by the paper, Paladino still owes out about $130,000 in various fees and salaries. According to ex-staffer Tim Suereth:

"I would have expected a nice thank-you from Carl for all the hard work I had contributed, but instead I got screwed," said Tim Suereth, who first served as manager of internal operations and later as an unpaid volunteer.

While the campaign paid him $31,912 in salary, the millionaire businessman through direct correspondence has refused to reimburse him for $6,300 in expenses, Suereth said.

And the (quite legitimate) gripes go on and on in the story. That's bad form, Carl. Don't blame former staffers for your epic defeat, blame all of the crazy shit you said during the campaign. Maybe?

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