Today we learned the sad news that internet mockery of her video and song "Friday" made teen sensation Rebecca Black cry. But don't worry, Ms. Black wasn't fazed for long. She's already writing a new song and one commenter managed to get their hands on some of the lyrics.

From GuidedbyVices:

You link my youtube, and share it with all your friends/ watching me roll by in the back of my super-sweet Benz/ it's hard to tell where the so-bad-it's-good begins... Begins....

Let's get so...Meta tonight, No substance, Just Lulz
We can get...10 million hits, because people suck the world over-

You treat me like some abstraction of a/ Teenage meme, and not a person / I'm on-ly thirteen, and don't deserve this (I know that song's wack, I know that song's wack...)

I know that I haunt your dreams / with my autotuned scream / as your teenage meme tonight.