Just in time for tonight's Jersey Shore finale, Entertainment Weekly has an interview with the show's co-creator SallyAnn Solsano in which she talks about just what's up with the show's spin-offs and shares how much DJ Paulie D is getting paid to play records.

According to Solsano, DJ Paulie D is pulling down $50,000 a gig to play his beat-laden brand of house music. Wow, I really went into the wrong business, and by that I mean a business other than being on a reality show and then showing up to a club to collect 50 large for putting your iPod on shuffle.

DJPD's spin-off show will focus on his work in the clubs and his life and friends back home in Providence, Rhode Island. "It's awesome," Salsano says. "You know when you watch a bunch of guys who've known each other forever razz on each other? Like in The Hangover? That's what they're like all the time." We doubt that's true. There's probably more than one hooker around.

The other show in the works, which Solsano likes to call Snooki and JWOWW Save the World, is—as we know— about the pair of guidettes moving into a house together and trying to figure out how to live on their own. Considering watching the two of them try to change a doorknob or unclog a toilet can be an epic production, we'll tune in for sure.

As for Jersey Shore itself, Solsano says the entire crew with no new additions will be going to Italy for season four and that the castmates will still be expected to hold down jobs. Just tell that to The Situation. The only thing he works is everyone's nerves.

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