Today we looked at an ancient cave drawing that is clearly a drawing of a dinosaur and thus creationism has been proven. Or has it? One commenter has had it with all these motherfucking drawings in these motherfucking caves.

From Bipolar-Cop:

I mean this as a dis to any scientist who reads much into cave doodles...

While I am not a scientist, I am a human being. And based on my being a human, I just shake my head in wonder whenever any scientist gets all atwitter over what some other person doodled on the wall of a cave centuries ago. Cuz, ya know, people have probably always had imaginations... or gotten bored... or been creative.

If future scientists un-earth my "I am bored on a conference call" doodles and paper-clip twisting sculptures, will they conclude that my office was constantly terrorized by sharks and that I worshiped the triangle?

True, it is a LOT easier for me to just randomly doodle this stuff than it was for these ancient people to scratch shit into the wall of a cave or paint with yak blood or whatever they used, but still, we are reading an AWFUL lot into stuff created by creative people. Aside from these creationist idiots, the worst offenders are the ancient alien crowd. Based on some stick figures with big round heads and a few plane-like scrawlings, they seem to have concluded that the earth was the subject of some Star-Wars-esque goings on a couple thousand years back... perhaps the actual name of our planet is Yavin 4.

Heh. Yavin 4.

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