Is it possible to assign a dollar value to a specific person? Duh, yes, Rutgers University just did it: Jersey Shore's Snooki is worth $32,000 and Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison is worth $30,000.

At least, those are the prices the university is paying out to these two legendary women for public-speaking gigs. And it makes sense, when you consider that Toni Morrison has never on MTV (besides True Life: I'm a Nobel Prize Winner) or participated in Wrestlemania (though she was in the legendary '94 Royal Rumble). Plus:

She spent an hour answering questions, teaching students the signature "Jersey Shore" first pump and styling a student's hair in her iconic "pouf" hairdo. She also introduced her father, who was in the audience wearing a "Papa Snooki" sleeveless T-shirt.

When asked what her advice was for Rutgers students, she said: "Study hard, but party harder."

Capitalism! If nothing else, it forces us to be brutally honest about what we value. Which is Snooki.

[Star Ledger; image via AP]