Here's the trailer to The Hangover 2, the sequel to, you guessed it, The Hangover. And, we hate to say it, but those of you hoping for a radical change in the direction of the series are gonna be disappointed.

Because as far as we can tell, no one bothered coming up with a new plot. Obviously, some similarities are necessary—the titular hangover needs to make an appearance—but did they need to copy the "essential member of the wedding party goes missing the day of the wedding" format so exactly? And did Ed Helms really have to wake up, again, with a major change in physical appearance?

On the other hand, why would you bother coming up with a new plot? This movie is going to make a gazillion dollars, without even trying, just off the back of Zach Galifianakis acting weird. There are worse things in the world! But there are also much better things.