Texas twins Edward and Edwin Berndt, both 48, have been arrested and charged with murder after cops discovered their mother's corpse on the floor of the home the three shared.

There aren't many things creepier than stories where people live with dead bodies in their homes for months, are there? And when those stories involve twins with the same name, it just ratchets up the creepiness a whole extra degree.

But the details of the story are more tragic than creepy. Apparently Sybil Berndt slipped and fell while her sons watched the NCAA championship football game on Jan. 10; the twins didn't help her, despite the fact that she was still conscious (and talking) for three days, because—they said—they couldn't afford an ambulance, or, later a burial. Oof. The Berndts have been charged with murder; apparently investigators have found "accounts totaling $700,000" in the house.