Crazy old coot John McCain landed in the rebel-held eastern Libyan city of Benghazi today. What's the old warmonger doing there? We imagine he's there to size 'em up because, you know, McCain's understanding of Libya's complex system of tribal loyalties probably goes all the way back to Reagan's bombing campaign there in the '80s, and maybe even Back to the Future. He also knows a thing or two about prosecuting a successful war.

McCain has been one of the loudest voices in Washington in support of arming Libya's rebels in their fight against Qaddafi. So, it's probably safe to say that he's there to undermine President Obama's still-developing policy regarding the rebels with something like, "If I were President, I'd give you fellas all the cool weapons you want, but this pussy Barack Obama, well [chuckles]..."

There's nothing quite as satisfying for John McCain as tampering with a delicate foreign policy issue for limited political gain. Or maybe he's Obama's special rebel envoy, who knows!

[Image via AP]