Sunday is Easter, which means that today's the last day when you can go to the drug store and find a sprawling selection of the seasonal sweets that only Jesus' resurrection brings. Everyone has their favorite treat around this time of year, and your selection says a lot about you. Now is your time to head to CVS and get a bag or box of your candy of choice, because after tomorrow the "Easter Bunny" will have bought up all the goodies. But before you go for that sugar rush, let's take a look at what your selection means. [Photo above via Flickr]

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This marshmallow and sugar confection is the classic Easter treat.

What It Says About You: You're the type of person who likes to wait in lines for things even if you're not that excited about them. You wait all year round for those Peeps to show up and tell everyone just how damn much you love them and talk about saving some in your cabinet for when a fix really hits, but deep down inside, you don't really love them that much. You just want people to think that you're very excited about things. That's why you also have a gym membership you don't use and an iPad collecting dust on your desk. [Photo via Flickr]

Cadbury Creme Eggs

The only thing more amazing than this chocolate and sugar creme egg is the clucking bunny commercials of old.

What It Says About You: You normally have things under control but are subject to wild and uncontrollable cravings. While your life is typically together, you suffer from a serious flaw like constant tardiness, chronic attitude problems, or the lack of discipline to keep yourself in check when around seasonal chocolate treats. When you dedicate yourself to your vice, you go in whole hog. If you don't have a drinking problem now, you probably will in a year or so. Also, you hate people who like those tiny little eggs they sell in packs of twelve. They're like people who get wasted on New Years Eve and St. Paddy's Day. [Photo via Flickr]

Cadbury Mini-Eggs

The all-chocolate bastard stepchild of the Creme Egg is inexplicably a favorite.

What It Says About You: You always settle for second best but convince yourself that its really your taste and you don't want the best. You choose sausage over bacon, champion the career of Kelly Rowland at the expense of Beyoncé, and still will not let anyone tell you that Betamax was a complete failure. It's probably because you were rejected a lot as a youngster or find a thrill in promoting the undiscovered, like that somehow makes you cooler. That's OK, keep thinking that you're Just leaves more Creme Eggs for the cool kids. [Photo via Flickr]

Pastel M&Ms

They come in an assortment of colors just for this special season.

What It Says About You: Man, you are seriously boring. [Photo via Flickr]

Robin Eggs

These are the malted milk balls with the speckled shells that only come out in the springtime.

What It Says About You: There's something a little bit off about you, dude. It's not like you're a lotion in the basket kind of serial killer or a total shut-in hoarder, but you a little weird. Noticeably weird. You're the person in the office that everyone is nice to because they're a little afraid, but they don't want to sit down and actually eat lunch with you. So you eat at your desk and read the internet and obsessively comment on some obscure site and have a very active fantasy persona. Seriously, you're creepy. [Photo via Flickr]

Colored Easter Eggs

This isn't even a candy, but what says Easter more than hard boiled eggs?

What It Says About You: You are a killjoy. Don't you know that this is America and we don't want to eat real eggs with all their protein? We want ones made out of sugar and coconut and some gelatinous substance that we can't quite identify and is delicious. And there you are all thin and clinging to tradition like some sort of skinny school marm. Christ on a cross, will you just shut the hell up and eat some damn candy already? [Photo via Flickr]