Back in 1994, while the hosts of The Today Show were still grappling with the concept of the internet, a Knight Ridder think tank put together an amazingly prescient presentation on the tablet-y future of news consumption.

Titled The Tablet Newspaper: A Vision of the Future, this video imagines a world in which people carry around portable computing devices that will "weigh under two pounds," have a display "comparable to ink on paper," and will be able to "blend text, video, audio and graphics." Oh — and the prototype demo looks exactly like an iPad.

"We may still use computers to create information," this video says. "But we'll use the tablet to interact with information: reading, watching, listening." Care to add the media Nostradamus in the video to your high tech brain trust? His name is Roger Fidler, currently the Program Director for Digital Publishing at the University of Missouri.

But as for making your content compelling — sorry, Rupe. You're still on your own. [YouTube via]