Today we shared with you Lady Gaga's pain about being called a "loser" in high school. Turns out a couple of commenters were there and don't remember it the same way Gaga does.

This is from commenter bruuno:

So she went to Sacred heart on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I dated couple of Sacred Heart girls (God Bless them) back in the day and lived only a couple of blocks away from the school. Fortnately 15+ years later I am still in touch with two of them. I can tell you a couple of things. For one, despite having heard Lady Gaga claim it was a 'strict Catholic school' it was far from it. My guess is that there is no more 'liberal' Catholic School in the country (possibly world?). There is no heavy indoctrination, no Nuns whacking people with rulers, etc. It pretty much defied every stereotype of the Catholic school. Her description of it that I heard was complete BS.

Having said that another piece of semi-insider info. One of my ex-girlfriends went there several years before Gaga. However, her little cousin went there and was one grade above Gaga. She says that, while Gaga wasn't part of the 'in-crowd' she was certainly not an outcast or, at least to her knowledge, ever treated as such. Now this certainly doesn't prove Gaga is lying, and maybe perceptions are distorted, but considering how she distorted her description of Sacred Heart I am more inclined to feel that this cry fest isn't exactly accurate either.

Granted it's sort of like the "my boyfriend's sister's cousins neighbor told my aunt she saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night," but another commenter chimed in with similar info.

This is from Interplanetary.Sass:

I can +1 this. We had a mutual friend during our freshman year at NYU, and Stefani always struck me as a confident girl who liked to party, but was also very devoted to her music. A few of my friends went to Sacred Heart (around Stefani's year), have a great amount of appreciation for the time they spent there, and cannot recall the bullying she brings up in interviews.

I like her music and shtick, but lately, she's been relying a lot on being a victim of bullying—which just does not jive with any of my experiences, or with anyone I know who went to school with her. It's a shame because high school CAN be tough, but it seems as though she's capitalizing on every teen's achilles heel by grossly exaggerating whatever it is she experienced in school.

Sounds like the myth might be a bit different from the reality.

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