"Oh no," I thought to looking at the picture at left. "Someone mixed up the Palin girls, and labeled this one 'Bristol Palin.'" But lo! The female at left really is Bristol Palin. And so is the female at right. Did our beloved Teen Mom 2: Republican Boogaloo star use some of that abstinence advocacy money on plastic surgery? Or is her new face the product of normal weight fluctuation? Update: Bristol admits she had surgery, is "thrilled" with new face.

When you compare each feature, the main change is to the shape of Bristol's face. Her jawline is completely different.

And her body doesn't look that different, other than changes in tanning habits. It's really just the chin.

Maybe Bristol has a highly specific weight-loss pattern, wherein chin flesh disappears first?

For a while I thought Bristol's lips had changed, too, but after intense scrutiny I have concluded it could just as easily be a different lip liner method and poutier expressions. Maybe she's been practicing in the mirror. [Images via Getty]