Most of us store our multitude of passwords and usernames in random emails we send to ourselves, or on used cocktail napkins. But some people use fancy password managers to organize their logins, and they think they're so smart. But what happens when hackers steal the password to your password manager?

Popular free password manager LastPass thinks its servers may have been the victim of a hack attack. Which led to this:

LastPass, a service for managing passwords, said late Wednesday that out of concern about a possible hacking attack, it would force its more than 1 million users to change their master passwords, which they use to retrieve passwords for other sites across the Web.

Passwords upon passwords... It's like a freaking Borges story.

As the ever-growing number and seriousness of hack attacks shows, passwords just don't work anymore. We must develop a new system of computer security that requires the user to sing the lullaby their parents used to put them to bed into their computer mic before accessing any of their accounts.

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