Half-Supreme Court Justice Harriet Miers, whose brilliant legal mind was simply too supple to be confined to the nation's highest court, has gone onto a stellar career trying to influence Congress on behalf of foreign agents—including the ones that probably protected Osama bin Laden for a decade.

After boldly declining her nomination to the Court, Miers went on to work for the law firm Locke Liddell & Sapp, which lobbies for the Embassy of Pakistan, the ruling Pakistan People's Party, and President Asif Zardari. According to her filing with the Department of Justice's Foreign Agents Registration Act database [pdf], she was tasked with "promot[ing] better understanding of [Pakistan's] recent political, social, and economic developments." Right about now, she's probably focusing on convincing U.S. officials that Pakistan's security service had no idea that bin Laden was living a leisurely bicycle ride away from its premiere military academy. Pakistan chose its counsel wisely. The lady is a dynamo.

[Photo via AP]