Did you hear that Barack Obama demanded a massive American flag be removed from Ground Zero while he was there yesterday? It's not true! At all.

This latest Obama-hates-America kerfuffle began last night when ABC News' Jake Tapper tweeted, "One minute to air and they decided to take the flag down from the live shot!" He posted the photo up top as well, showing two cranes removing a large American flag from the side of a building. He meant that right before his spot on the evening ABC News broadcast, the flag was being removed for the night — as it is each night, and then put back in place each morning. Jake Tapper, a True Patriot, was upset that it wouldn't be in his live shot.

Tapper's tweet was interpreted quite differently in many quarters of the conservative Internet, who thought that Obama had personally ordered the flag taken down. Blogger Doug Ross, for one, wrote,"This administration and, by extension, the Democrat Party are now so thoroughly divorced from the history, traditions and morals of America that we might as well admit the Marxist left has executed a successful coup d'état on this Republic." His friend Michelle Malkin asked, "Does flying the American flag at Ground Zero now constitute 'spiking the football???'" This meme made it all the way to Matt Drudge, who ran the headline, "REPORT: Team Obama takes down US flag before Ground Zero event..."

As we know, Obama was already back in Washington by evening news time last night, making fun of his wife with the Mexicans. He did not order the removal of the massive American flag from Ground Zero. Michelle Malkin, to her credit, has apologized in a post titled, "No, Obama didn't remove American flag from Ground Zero."

But umm... he probably wanted to!

[via Media Matters; image via Jake Tapper]