So, you're a "good parent" who allows your child to "go to the library" to "learn," eh? Yeah, learn about sexxx. Why do you want your underage child viewing Hot Naked Sluts, in public?

The New York Post, recipient of the Pulitzer in Alarmism Reporting for the past 637 years in a row, points out that the sick commitment of NYC public libraries to the "First Amendment" virtually guarantees that at any given moment, your child is either gazing at a vagina, or sitting next to a sweaty middle-aged man who is gazing at a vagina. Thomas the Tank Engine? More like Thomas the Rape Engine.

Children 13 and older can easily access hard-core porn in the city's public libraries by simply claiming to be of age on the software and clicking off the filters that block XXX-rated content...

Even kids who don't want to surf for smut can be exposed to it because they can wind up sitting next to porn gazers.

To recap: the only "education" your sweet innocent child is receiving at the "public library" is "How to furtively masturbate in public to images of things that are only for husbands and wives." Still not homeschooling little Sue and Johnny, career-oriented Park Slope parents? We hope you enjoy having prostitutes, for children.

[NYP. Photo of your child and his "library friend:" Shutterstock]