Digging holes in the sand: a time-honored beach tradition. Also, surprisingly dangerous! A member of the Austrian Olympic swim team had to be rescued by a crew of 60 people after jumping into a hole he dug in the sand in Pompano Beach, Florida.

19-year-old Jakub Maly spent all Sunday digging the seven-foot deep hole in the sand then jumped in it as a joke, according to the AP. But he failed to respect the elemental power of sand: The walls of the hole collapsed, burying him up to his neck! Rescuers were worried that Maly might get crushed by the pressure of the sand, but after a 2-hour mission they removed him, conscious and talking. He was sent to the hospital where we imagine he is still undergoing delicate sand-removal surgery.

Sharks, sand-holes, sunburn. A beach "vacation" is more like running through a gauntlet of deadly obstacle courses. [Sun-Sentinel]