Aw, talk about a Gift of the Magi-type situation (sort of). A senior at Shelton High School in Connecticut wanted to make a grand gesture when inviting his "good friend" (riiiight) to the prom, but now that gesture has gotten him banned from the very prom he hoped to attend.

James Tate and some buddies drove to the school on a Friday night and taped foot-tall cardboard letters spelling out "Sonali Rodrigues, Will you go to prom with me? HMU Tate" to the side of the school. ("HMU"? Is that "Hit Me Up"? Sigh. C'mon, James.) Rodrigues was touched and said yes, but then Tate and his accomplices were called into the headmaster's office and given suspensions and banned from the prom for trespassing on school grounds at night. The school was also concerned that it had been a safety risk, though Tate insists that he and his friends were safe and everything while climbing the ladder to tape up the letters. An injustice!

Shelton High administration, do you realize what you've done? Our boy Tate here finally sacked up and made a move on Sonali, he's probably been carrying a torch since like sophomore year or something, and likely had a whole elaborate evening planned that would, if he was lucky, end with at least a little making out. And now you've ruined it! Now it's all gone to rot and poor Tater is going to go to college a virgin and it's all your fault.

Eh, well, I guess he has all summer too. And we all know that senior summer is wild, man. And who was really talking about prom like two weeks after the fact anyway? Still, would have been a nice way to kick off a summer of love. Grownups ruin everything. [CT Post]