Two New York City police officers disciplined for "hooker trouble" are apparently being investigated in relation to the murders of four prostitutes whose bodies turned up on a Long Island beach earlier this year.

The New York Post spoke with a source about two NYPD officers who were known to have hired prostitutes while working for the department. One, who has since resigned, was allegedly accused of "pursuing hookers and paying street walkers and down-and-out women for sex while he was supposed to be on patrol" in the 1990s; the other, who apparently still works for the department (albeit not on the street), is said to have assaulted a prostitute and been arrested during a sting operation. It's unclear if the two are being looked at separately or together.

Investigators began looking into the two policemen because the killer is thought to be well-versed in police techniques, and may in fact be a cop him (or her) self. They're not, however, the "sole focus" of the investigation.

[NYP; images via AP]