On Tuesday, May 17, in the wake of a report in the Los Angeles Times that Arnold Schwarzenegger had admitted fathering a child with a then-unnamed member of his household staff more than 10 years ago, we reprinted portions of a 2003 London Daily Mail story claiming that Schwarzenegger had fathered a child with a woman named Tammy Tousignant. Because some of the details from the Los Angeles Times story seemed to us to align with the Daily Mail's, we speculated that Tousignant was the woman that Schwarzenegger had acknowledged having affair with to the Times. In the course of reporting the post, we called and emailed Tousignant without success and reached her son—who is an adult and who denied that Schwarzenegger is his father—via Facebook message. We also noted prominently that Tousignant had denied the story to the Daily Mail when it was originally published.

Our story was wrong. Tammy Tousignant was not the woman referred to in the Los Angeles Times story. We updated the post on Tuesday and Wednesday to reflect those facts as they became apparent, and we also contacted Wendy Leigh, the Daily Mail reporter and Schwarzenegger biographer who wrote the 2003 story about Tousignant. She stands by her reporting, and claims that the Daily Mail had unspecified evidence of its accuracy. But Tousignant's attorney contacted us after we published the story, claiming that Tousignant has a paternity test indicating that Schwarzenegger is not her son's father.

We haven't seen the results of the test, and we have no idea who is right: Tousignant or Wendy Leigh. But in light of the fact that we mistakenly identified Tousignant as the subject of the Los Angeles Times story, and have no direct reporting of our own to contradict Tousignant's claims or substantiate the Daily Mail's, we have decided to err on the side of caution and take the post down.

[Photo of Schwarzenegger via Getty Images]